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The Original 16 Technique Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in the American Kenpo Federation. American Kenpo Federation studios teach the American Kenpo System as developed by Grandmaster Edmund Parker, Sr.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Instruction
  • Rank promotion and certification
  • Seminars and training camps
  • Standardized curriculum
  • Camera ready Belt charts (for studios and clubs)
  • Teaching schedule (optional for studios and clubs)
  • Internet web page link (for studios and clubs)

    Also in development are:

  • Belt manuals
  • Belt video tapes
  • Classroom reinforcement videos (for studios and clubs)
  • Specialized training tapes
  • Video testing procedures
  • AKF logo merchandise

    The American Kenpo Federation uses the 16 technique per belt curriculum developed by Brian Duffy in the late 1980's. This curriculum does not delete any instructional material, but simply spreads it out over 2 more belt levels. This allows the student to learn all 154 base techniques, forms Short #1 through Long #4, as well as beginning and advanced sets by 1st Degree Black. Technique extensions and forms #5, #6 and #7 are taught at 2nd through 5th Degree Black Belt levels. All belt levels are laid out according to the Web of Knowledge. There is also an accompanying children's curriculum that allows for a smooth transition to the adult curriculum when the child graduates from kids classes. This curriculum was also presented to and approved by Grandmaster Parker for use in Mr. Duffy's studios. In fact, Mr. Parker sent this curriculum out to other studios that were interested in an alternative course of instructions.

    American Kenpo Federation membership fees are very affordable:

    Studio Fee: $100.00 (1st year)
    Renewal: $65.00 (yearly)


    Club Fee: $65.00 (1st year)
    Renewal: $40.00 (yearly)


    New Flat Rate Membership Fees for Clubs and Studios:

    Club Flat Rate Membership Fee (max 10) $150.00 yr


    Studio Flat Rate Membership Fee (11 and over) $250.00 yr


    Note Flat Rate Fees allow all members of Club or Studio to be members in good standing of AKF. 

    Head Instructor of Club or Studio buys AKF patches for $6.50 each (suggested retail=$12.00 each).



    Individual Membership: $35.00 (1st year)
    Renewal: $25.00 (yearly)
    (Family discount -$5.00 off each additional family member)

    Certification Fees: $10.00 Yellow-Green Belts
    $25.00 Brown Belts
    $50.00 Black Belts

    Studio and Club Membership include annual membership certificates.

    Individual Membership includes:

  • Patch
  • Rank Certification
  • ID Card

    Yearly renewal includes new ID Card.

    Certification Fees include certificate of new rank and new ID Card.

    Regardless of which membership method is chosen, all members of Club or Studio are required to be members of the AKF. To be recognized as an AKF club a minimum of 3 student memberships are required to be sent in within 30 days and that amount must be maintained to remain a recognized club. An AKF studio must register and maintain a minimum of 10 students. 

    The American Kenpo Federation is a service organization designed to help instructors and practitioners better teach and learn the American Kenpo System. We strive to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial for the AKF and its individual members, clubs, and studios.

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