School Directory

Austin, Texas
American Kenpo Federation Headquarters
Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate
3800 Woodbury Drive
Austin, Texas 78704
Ph (512) 444-9889
Fax (512) 444-9928
Address mail to:
PO Box 40009
Austin, TX 78704

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Lois Rael
2307 Calle Pintura
Sante Fe, NM 87505
Ph (505) 473-0267


College Station, Texas

Allen Gowdey, Head Instructor
Ph (512) 791-9355
Ph (979) 695-7909
Backyard Kenpo Karate


Houston, Texas


Jason Wade Bugg
Ph (713) 837-6287




Henly, Texas

Harrell King

Henly Academy of Martial Arts

 Ph (512) 894-4244



San Antonio, Texas

Infinite Kenpo

Todd Agers

Edmond, Oklahoma

Damian Wilson, Chief Instructor
21477 N. Western
Edmond, OK 73003
Ph (405) 204-8850

Fort Worth, Texas

Greg Duke



Schertz, Texas

Lee Novikoff

Tidal Kenpo

Ph  (210) 659-1446

Eve Ph (210) 659-2161



McKinney, Texas

Sam Bowley’s Kenpo

Sam Bowley



Joplin, Missouri

Stronghold Martial Arts

Ray Gilbert

(417) 850-3818



AKF - Chile Regional Director

Escuela de Infanteria de Marina

Vina Del Mar, Chile

Jose Miguel Morales Urzua



AKF - Chile

Dojo Providencia

Marcelo Perez



AKF - Chile

Dojo La Florida

Alfredo Cornejo

Luciano Guala


Benefits of 

membership include: 


Solid Lineage

Detailed Instruction 

Rank promotion and certification 

Seminars and training camps 

Standardized curriculum

To Join the AKF, add or change your listing here in the directory, contact Mr. Duffy
The American Kenpo Federation World Headquarters
C/O Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate
P.O.Box 40009  Austin, Texas 78704
Phone: 512-444-9889   Fax: 512-444-9928

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