The 16 Technique Curriculum

While a member of the IKKA Mr. Duffy developed the 16 Technique Curriculum for use in his school. After reviewing it, Mr. Parker informed Mr. Duffy that it may be suitable for mass distribution and that he was considering doing so. No decision was made before Mr. Parker's untimely death in 1990.

The 16 Technique curriculum is presented here for your consideration. Customized school charts may be available from Mr. Duffy upon request. Such charts may include original hand-drawn Webs of Knowledge. Send any inquiries, questions, or comments via the email link below.

Adult's Curriculum

The Adult 16 Technique Curriculum as developed by Mr. Duffy was created to reduce the "front end load" of the 24 technique curriculum (an initial chart of 10 followed by a chart of 24) by spreading the material over an additional 2 belt levels. This curriculum not only does not delete any material but it also remains true to the Web of Knowledge so that each chart teaches material from each category in the same order as it appears in the standard 24 technique curriculum. The 16 Technique Curriculum may be further analyzed using the following chart:

The 24 Technique Curriculum breakdown     The 16 Technique Curriculum breakdown  
Yellow 10 Techs   Yellow 10 Techs
Orange 24 Techs   Orange 16 Techs
Purple 24 Techs   Purple 16 Techs
Blue 24 Techs   Blue 16 Techs
Green 24 Techs   Green 16 Techs
3rd Brown 24 Techs   3rd Brown 20 Techs
2nd Brown 24 Techs   2nd Brown 20 Techs
Original total Base Techniques 154   1st Brown 20 Techs
      1st Black 20 Techs
      New total Base Techniques 154
1st Brown 24 Tech Exts   2nd Black 24 Tech Extensions
1st Black 24 Tech Exts   3rd Black 24 Tech Extensions
2nd Black 24 Tech Exts   4th Black 24 Tech Extensions
3rd Black 24 Tech Exts   5th Black 24 Tech Extensions
End of Techniques     End of Techniques  
Yellow Orange Purple Blue Green 3rd Brown 2nd Brown 1st Brown 1st Black 2nd Black 3rd Black 4th Black 5th Black

Children's Curriculum

The first four belts on the Children's Curriculum have reduced requirements and shorter term goals with 2 stripes per belt. At Jr. Blue the student is the equivalent of an adult Orange Belt with all the same forms, sets, tech's, and basics. From that point on the junior charts are the same as the adult charts just two levels apart. This allows the instructor some options. If the student outgrows the kids class he can move into the adult class and take the adult rank, or continue on the kid's curriculum in the adult class, or keep his current kids rank and test for the next adult rank. This makes for a smoother transition of students from kids class to adult class. The relation ship of the Children's to the Adult's Curriculum may be illustrated as follows:

Children's Curriculum     Adult's Curriculum  
Junior Yellow Belt 3 Techniques   Yellow Belt 10 Techniques
Junior Orange 3 Techs   Orange 16 Techs
Junior Purple 8 Techs      
Junior Blue 12 Techniques      
Total techniques learned 26 Techniques    Total techniques learned 26 Techniques
Junior Green 16 Techs same chart as Purple 16 Techs
Junior Brown 16 Techs same chart as Blue 16 Techs
Junior Adv Brown 16 Techs same chart as Green 16 Techs
Junior 1st Black 20 Techs same chart as 3rd Brown 20 Techs
Junior 2nd Black 20 Techs same chart as 2nd Brown 20 Techs
Junior 3rd Black 20 Techs same chart as 1st Brown 20 Techs
Next Belt is Adult 1st Black   same chart as 1st Black 20 Techs

Junior Yellow Junior Orange Junior Purple Junior Blue Junior Green Junior Brown Junior Advanced Brown Junior Black Junior Black Belt 2nd Degree Junior Black Belt 3rd Degree



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