Current AKF Texas Spirit Camp information is now permanently located here.


Sigung Stephen LaBounty
Bob White's American Kenpo Karate
Mr. Richard "Huk" Planas
Shihan Robert E. Zingg's Zingg's Karate Center
Jason Bugg's Houston American Kenpo Training Platform
Mr. Speakman
Mike Cappi's

IKKO (Mr. Conatser)
IKCA (Chuck Sullivan and Vic Leroux)
Former site for Mr. Parker's IKKA now the MAX Dojo
AKKI (Mr. Mills)
AKTS (Mr. Sepulveda)
AKTS Ireland (Mr. Downey)
UKF (Mr. Pick)
The United States Kempo Team (Team Leader, Robert E. Zingg)
The AOK (Texas Point Tournaments)

Resources and Tools
PC Wood's Kenpo Homepage
AKF 16 Technique Curriculum
AKF Texas Spirit Camp

A Tribute to SGM Ed Parker

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