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The AKF Texas Spirit Camp 2010

The 2010 AKF Annual Texas Spirit Camp was held last weekend, October 1, 2, & 3 at AKF Headquarters in Austin, Texas.  AKF members from Austin area, Dallas area, Houston area, Bryan/College Station area, as well as Edmond, OK and Joplin, MO attended.  Also Mr. Glenn Haley from North Austin, a member of John Sepulveda’s AKTS organization and one if his students came to the camp.

Camp instructors scheduled to teach were AKF President Brian Duffy, Dennis Conatser from Scottsdale, Arizona, and famed Karate competitor Ray McCallum from Dallas, Texas.  Unfortunately, Mr. McCallum had some transportation issues and was not able to make the camp.  We hope to have him come and share his expertise with us sometime in the future.  Mr. Duffy and Mr. Conatser covered all the classes giving the students insights into all aspects of the American Kenpo.

Friday evening there was a belt test and the following students were promoted


Colin Duffy (Austin, TX) - 1st Black

Todd Agers (Pearland, TX) - 1st Black

Ray Gilbert (Austin, TX) - 1st Black

Johnny Guzman (Austin, TX) - 1st Brown

Chuy Olguin - 3rd Brown

Christina Alexandra (Austin,TX) - 3rd Brown

Sam Bowley (McKinney,TX) - 3rd Brown

Ken Sepulveda (Austin, TX) - Green

Tony Kelser (Edmond, OK) - Blue

Rob Gant (Joplin MO) - Purple


Congratulations to all on their new ranks.


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