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A membership in an organization of any sort constitutes a relationship between you and the organization, or more specifically you and those who operate that organization. This relationship should be mutually beneficial. In this case, you will receive the benefits described on the website and you will support the AKF through your membership and certification fees, attendance at AKF functions, and loyalty to the federation and adherence to its policies and procedures. In order for you to decide if this relationship is going to be beneficial for you, you need to know what exactly is expected of you. Here are some of the main things for you to consider:

  • You will be expected to use the AKF Curriculum in your club or studio. Take a look at these techniques. They are the ones you will be required to know for you (and your students' if any) to test for rank. If you are not using these techniques at the present time, Mr. Duffy will work with you on a timetable of gradually introducing this new curriculum so you and your students can continue to advance in rank while learning this new material.

  • You will be expected to take instruction from Mr. Duffy or another AKF representative. At the present time the AKF is a very small organization and Mr. Duffy will be teaching all new members. This will necessitate you traveling to Austin, Texas at least once a year for training. The most optimum time to come for training would be in mid-October on Columbus Day weekend, which is when the AKF holds its annual training camp. By coming in a day or two early you will have the opportunity of training with Mr. Duffy prior to the camp and then during the same trip also benefiting from the fine instruction received at the camp from some of Kenpo's finest practitioners. See the website for a list of confirmed instructors for this year's camp.

  • There is also the option of some video or web based instruction. Notice I said some. Video and web based instruction can be used to allow for more frequent lessons but you will still need to take a lesson in person at least once a year. There is no real substitute for the feedback, both verbal and physical, that you get during lessons in person. However, geographical distance sometimes makes frequent in person lessons impossible. That's when we use video and web based instruction as a supplement.

  • While a member of the AKF you will not be allowed to accept rank from any other Kenpo organizations or instructors. All testing for Black Belt level rankings will be held at the AKF annual training camp. Black Belt members with their own clubs or studios will test their own students. Mr. Duffy may request from time to time that a video of these tests be submitted so as to assure that the standards for rank be maintained in all AKF studios. For individual members that do not have a local studio or instructor a video or web based test may be employed for beginning and intermediate ranks. These individuals will be required to test in person for all Brown Belt level ranks though not necessarily just at the annual training camp. Testing in Austin for these ranks can be scheduled with Mr. Duffy.

    If after considering all these things you are still interested in becoming a member of the AKF then please send me a letter or e-mail with the following information:

  • Your age
  • Your rank
  • Years you have been training
  • Present instructor and/or studio
  • Previous instructor(s) and/or studio(s)
  • Organization(s) your rank(s) are certified with
  • Reasons for leaving or seeking a new instructor
  • Current address

    Thank you again for your interest. I look forward to working with you for the betterment and proliferation of American Kenpo.

    Yours in the Art,
    Brian Duffy
    American Kenpo Federation

    P.O.Box 40009 Austin, Texas 78704
    (512) 444-9889
    (512) 444-9928 fax

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