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The AKF Texas Spirit Camp 2009

The Texas Spirit Camp was an excellent event with Stephen LaBounty, Tom Kelly, and Gary Swan presenting classes that expanded everyone’s perspective on our art.  It is a rare opportunity to be able to work with 3 such fine instructors in the same weekend.  This weekend was all the more special because these 3 people are all Mr. Duffy’s teachers, both prior to his studying with Mr. Parker, and since Mr. Parker’s passing.  This is your AKF lineage. 

The weekend was filled with special happenings from the belt exam on Friday evening, through the excellent classes for beginners and advanced ranks all day Saturday, our annual AKF Banquet on Saturday evening, and more advanced  sessions on Sunday morning.  Participants from our AKF studios and clubs, as well as several other local Kenpo studios and clubs all demonstrated excellent spirit and attitudes in every class.  We would like to thank Mr. Swan for bringing several of his students from San Antonio, and Mr. Kelly for bringing 3 of his students all the way from Wichita, Kansas.  Local instructors Jeff Shroder and Glenn Haley were also in attendance, as well as our old friend George Moreno from San Antonio.


Congratulations to all who tested at our annual Texas Spirit Camp on October 9. 

 Here are the new promotions:


Allen Gowdey

3rd Black

Mary Rodriguez

2nd Black

Toby Rodriguez

2nd Black

Jason Bugg

1st Black

Damian Wilson

1st Black

Colin Duffy

1st Brown

Monte Dudley

1st Brown

Todd Agers

1st Brown

Chuy Olguin


Ken Sepulveda


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