American Kenpo Homecoming Video
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Shot on location at Brian Duffy's 1994 Texas Training Camp, The American Kenpo Homecoming Video Tape features interviews with some of the most senior and highest quality Black Belts ever trained by Grandmaster Ed Parker. The Interview Tape was originally intended to be a documentary on the Camp itself and was intended to feature interviews with the senior Black Belt participants. The documentary release was delayed by the formation of the American Kenpo Senior Council which also occurred at the camp and prompted the video to be reworked as a documentary on the AKSC. This video includes interviews with all the original founding members of the AKSC. Video footage was shot at Mr. Duffy's Training Camp outside Austin, TX as well as subsequent training camps in Wichita, KS and Santa Fe, NM. These interviews feature details of the personal and training history of each marital artist and combine to illustrate a multifaceted view of Kenpo and Ed Parker as seen through the lives of the 13 featured instructors. The instructors come from across the United States and Ireland. The insights these kenpoists provide into Kenpo is priceless.

The following Black Belts are featured on The American Kenpo Homecoming Video:
  • Stephen LaBounty
  • Tom Kelly
  • Richard "Huk" Planas
  • Frank Trejo
  • Bob White
  • John Sepulveda
  • Bob Liles
  • Bryan Hawkins
  • Dennis Conatser
  • Andre Simms
  • Edward Downey
  • Ed Parker Jr.
  • Brian Duffy

The American Kenpo Homecoming Video is a must have for any and every Kenpoinstructor, student, aficionado, or admirer. The remaining supply is now exclusively available as "The American Kenpo Homecoming Video" onebay from cdhallbids.

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