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1. AKF Club Promotions


Arsenal American Kenpo Karate - Alto Loma, CA 
Saturday, May 21, 2005
1st Degree Brown Belt
Dennis Ramirez
Houston American Kenpo Training Platform - Houston, Texas 
Friday, August 22, 2005
Yellow Belt
Jon Denman

2. AKF Sprit Camp 2005 Recap

October 7-9, 2005 (Austin, Texas) Once again, Brian Duffy and the American Kenpo Federation held its annual American Kenpo Spirit Camp. The camp was a wonderful success. The festivities began with a Brown & Black Belt test on Friday. Notable members of the testing board included Mr. Frank Trejo and Mr. Pat Salantri. Saturday was a full day with beginning students having a chance to learn Tai Chi exercises from Master Gary Stier, sparring drills and concepts from Mr. Bob White, Kenpo principles from Mr. Frank Trejo and stick defense concepts from Mr. Pat Salantri. When that block of information was completed the instructors then shared information with the advanced Brown & Black Belt class. Mr. White expressed the importance of being in service to mankind and taking a regular personal inventory to see what areas one should work on. At the same time he showed the class some killer drills and some incredible sparring entry drills. Mr. Trejo fed off of Mr. White’s class and showed some of his favorite sparring entries from “back in the day”. He then took the advanced class into the inner workings of Kenpo Sticky hands. Finally, Mr. Salantri worked with the advanced class on weapons defense concepts and gave the entire class several alternative ways to look at techniques to expand their intellectual territory in these areas. That Saturday evening the annual AKF banquet was held. There was fun, food and some excellent demonstrations of not only Kenpo technique, but Chi Gung and Shotokan as well. One of the highlights was watching the akf kids pull of techniques and forms. It was certainly a site to see and something that Mr. Duffy’s daughter, Angela, should be extremely proud of. When Sunday arrived everyone was sore, but full of smiles. Master Gary Stier showed the class a traditional Chi Gung form to start off the day. The rest of the day was covered by the before mentioned instructors with additional insights that build on the previous day. In the end, everyone’s cups were extremely full and new friends spoke of seeing each other at the 2006 camp.


3. AKF Kids work with Project Action to raise money with Kick-a-thon


The American Kenpo Federation's kids raised $500 at a kick-a-thon on October 15th in conjuction with National Martial Arts Day. The coordinator for this event was Ms. Angela Duffy, with Mr. Harrell King and Ms. Mary Rodriquez acting as kicking coaches at the event. The kids did over 1000 kicks in 1 hour and collected pledge money for their participation. Those that participated included Alex King, Ryan Blough, Scott Morris,

Ryan Pelarski, Nicholas Olivares and Jacob Steinberg. Zachary Chavez was unable to attend but still collected money for the charity.


4. AKF Invitation-Only Brown and Black Belt Training Camps - 2006


With the coming of a new year Mr. Duffy will once again be conducting a series of one-day training camps for

AKF Brown and Black Belt students by invitation only.

These will be in the winter, spring, and summer. The AKF will continue to offer its annual Fall Spirit Camp. These one-day Brown and Black Belt camps will be curriculum based training conducted and taught primarily by Mr. Duffy with perhaps one guest instructor to teach a class in related material. The annual Fall Spirit will continue to present several guest instructors to broaden your perspective on Kenpo.

These camps will offer everyone a set schedule for the year to plan to work with other AKF Brown and Black Belts.

The Winter Training Camp will begin at 9:00AM and go till Saturday evening sometime with breaks for meals. This camp will include a cardio/bag work class, a sparring class, belt chart reviews and concepts and principles of teaching. The cost of the camp is $75.00 and does not include meals. Further details are provided with your invitation.

Aspiring AKF Brown and Black Belts should look forward to attending these camps.

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