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1. AKF Invitation-Only Brown and Black Belt Training Camps

This year Mr. Duffy will be conducting a series of one-day training camps for AKF Brown and Black Belt students by invitation only.

These will be in the winter, spring, and summer. The AKF will continue to offer its annual Fall Spirit Camp. These one-day Brown and Black Belt camps will be curriculum based training conducted and taught primarily by Mr. Duffy with perhaps one guest instructor to teach a class in related material. The annual Fall Spirit will continue to present several guest instructors to broaden your perspective on Kenpo.

These camps will offer everyone a set schedule for the year to plan to work with other AKF Brown and Black Belts.

The first of these camps will be the 2005 Winter Training Camp to be held Saturday, Feb 5. The camp will begin at 9:00AM and go till Saturday evening sometime with breaks for meals. This camp will include a cardio/bag work class, a sparring class, belt chart reviews and concepts and principles of teaching. The cost of the camp is $75.00 and does not include meals. Further details are provided with your invitation.

Aspiring AKF Brown and Black Belts should look forward to attending these camps in the future.

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